Ground source heating

Ground source heating

With a ground source heat pump from CTC, you can save up to 85 % on your heating costs. A ground source heat pump utilises solar energy stored in rocks, the ground, and in lakes. The energy utilised is free and eco-friendly, and contributes to a reduction of CO₂ emissions.

To reach this energy resource, a liquid-filled collector hose is laid in the bedrock, the ground or in lakes. A hole measuring 70-150 metres is drilled into the bedrock, while a 200-500 metre long hose is laid in the ground and in lakes. The circulating liquid in the hose is heated by the stored solar energy. The liquid passes through the heat pump where a compressor raises the temperature by means of a refrigerant and a heat exchanger in a closed system. The heat pump then distributes the heat to the building's heating system.


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