For a pleasant indoor climate

CTC has products that ventilate homes, produce heating and hot water, and ensure that you always have a perfect indoor climate.
The ventilation in your home is intended to remove any impurities and moisture in the building and supply fresh air.
The majority of single-family houses have one of the following ventilation systems:
• FTX system: Mechanical supply and exhaust air ventilation system with heat recovery.

• Exhaust air heat pump, FVP:  Mechanical exhaust air system with heat recovery, also known as an F-system.

• Natural ventilation that is not fan-driven. Mainly in older single-family houses and in apartment buildings built before 1976.

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Our Ventilation solutions

CTC EcoVent i360F

A new stylish smart and economical concept for properties with exhaust air heating.
CTC EcoVent i360F

Ventilation units

Ventilation units for CTC indoor modules and heat pumps
Ventilation units

How much you save with a heat pump!