CTC EcoHeat 400

CTC EcoHeat 400

The quiet, efficient heat pump for ground source, lake or geothermal heating with touchscreen and EnergyFlex, model 406-412, 6-12 kW

The quiet, efficient ground source heat pump with touchscreen and Energyflex.

CTC EcoHeat 400 is one of our quietest ground source heat pumps with a high efficiency level at 4.3 SCOP (cold climate 35 °C). CTC EcoHeat 400 has such a high efficiency level thanks to an advanced refrigerant circuit, a variable-speed low-energy circulation pump and a very efficient compressor. Compressor and refrigeration components are enclosed in a separate, sound-insulated unit. This provides exceptionally low noise and makes it one the quietest ground source heat pumps we have ever developed.

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