Air-to-water heat pumps

With an air-to-water heat pump from CTC, you save up to 75 % on your heating costs.
The energy utilised is free and eco-friendly, and contributes to a reduction of CO₂ emissions.

CTC has two types of air-to-water heat pump.
Variable-speed heat pumps and those with a start-and-stop function.

The CTC EcoAir 600 series consists of newly-developed heat pumps with a variable-speed compressor and they adapt to the building's output needs. When more heat or hot water is required, the output of the heat pump increases. When less output is required, the pump operates at a lower speed.

The CTC EcoHeat 400 series consists of conventional heat pumps which heat the building and hot water via a compressor by means of a stop-and-start function (on/off). A conventional on/off heat pump is slightly cheaper than a variable-speed heat pump but, as a consequence, results in lower savings.


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