EnergyFlex gives you full freedom of choice in the future

Connect and supplement your heating system with virtually anything in the way of heating

EnergyFlex is a unique solution and standard on all our heat pumps and indoor modules. EnergyFlex means that you always have the freedom to easily connect other heat sources, pool and tanks in a cost-effective way in one and the same system. The basis of an environmentally friendly, economical and flexible heating system consists of a CTC heat pump. If you then connect one of our intelligent all-in-one tanks, you are prepared for everything - whether we are talking about air/water or ground source heat pumps. At CTC, we have always celebrated the principle of flexible systems. That's why you always get EnergyFlex when you invest in a heat pump from us. The basis of environmentally friendly EnergyFlex is the heat pump.

Start now - add later

Start with a heat pump. Then you can easily connect and supplement your heating system with just about anything: solar heating, additional tanks, stoves, wood, electric and pellet boilers.

Freedom at no extra cost

Best of all, this flexibility doesn't cost anything extra. It comes as standard with all our heat pumps. Without the hassle and complexity of system solutions. Instead, just switch on, control and start enjoying. And save money. The common denominator is waterborne heating systems, radiator systems or underfloor heating.

EnergyFlex gives you full freedom of choice in the future

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How nice that you have chosen to take the first step towards a better heating economy. When you choose a heat pump from CTC, you also choose a professional installation and many carefree years ahead. This means that you can spend your time on things you would rather do - you get the freedom to choose yourself!

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