CTC EcoVent i360F

A new stylish smart and economical concept for properties with exhaust air heating.

This is an indoor module with integrated ventilation, which you combine with an air/water heat pump. The big advantage is that you can control your ventilation so that you don't waste unnecessary energy. By having the compressor on the outside of the house, it also becomes much quieter inside.

This is also a very good option if your exhaust air heat pump has broken - then you can switch to an EcoVent. Smart, right?

For maximum energy savings, install the CTC EcoVent i360F with one of Sweden’s best-selling air-to-water heat pumps: CTC EcoAir. With this combination, you save up to 30% more than you would with a traditional exhaust air heat pump.

The CTC EcoVent i360F ventilates the property, produces heat and hot water, and ensures that you always have the perfect indoor climate. Ventilation air in all wet zones is extracted by means of the built-in fan, and produces a weak vacuum, which helps to vent air in other rooms via the different wet zones in the building. The ventilation ducts are optimised to suit most ventilation connections when replacing an exhaust air pump.

The most important function of the indoor module is to produce a lot of hot water as frugally and quickly as possible. You and your family will not be disappointed with CTC EcoVent i360F since it is equipped with the same ultra-efficient DHW heating as the CTC GSi ground source heat pump, and produces over 300 litres of hot water.

CTC EcoVent i360F has a fully integrated touch display with a very user-friendly interface through which you can easily access all functions – just like your smartphone. You can also mirror the display on your tablet, phone or computer. But most importantly, it has a multi-language interface and clear symbols that make it easy to adjust heating, hot water, etc. and retrieve a wealth of information about the operation.

The integrated automatic mixing valve is climate-controlled and takes into account both the indoor and outdoor temperatures. The product is able to control two individual heating circuits as standard. With accessories you can easily add solar heating, set up your water-jacketed stove or boiler so that they too can contribute heat, or connect a pool.

CTC EcoVent i360F has internet connectivity as standard, so you can easily control your heat pump remotely. To ensure compatibility with smart homes, the product is equipped for connection to Alexa, Google Home, etc. It is also Smart Grid ready.

Stylish design
Smart touch display with user-friendly interface
Optimal solution when replacing an exhaust air heat pump
Produces over 300 litres of hot water
Internet connection as standard
Economical: saves up to 30% more than a traditional exhaust air heat pump
Model designation Item no.
CTC EcoVent i360F 589700001
CTC Diverting Valve, 3-way
Item no.: 583621401

CTC Diverting Valve, 3-way

For interconnections in the system (22 mm connection)

CTC Expansion EnergyFlex II
Item no.: 589262301

CTC Expansion EnergyFlex II

External control of solar/pool/DHW circulation, etc.

CTC Extra Shunt Group
Item no.: 587396301

CTC Extra Shunt Group

Complete package for neat and easy installation of additional heating circuits. Complete and ready-to-use with connected controls, which means that getting started is quick and simple. Equipped with an energy-efficient circulation pump, in accordance with the ErP Directive. Well-insulated unit with easy external access to all adjustment controls and electronic components.

CTC Housing Cover, low
Item no.: 589440301

CTC Housing Cover, low

CTC Housing cover high
Item no.: 589442301

CTC Housing cover high

CTC Housing cover medium
Item no.: 589441301

CTC Housing cover medium

CTC Mixing Valve Group EnergyFlex
Item no.: 587813301

CTC Mixing Valve Group EnergyFlex

For installing additional heat sources (28 mm connection).

CTC VT 80 Volume Tank
Item no.: 587190301

CTC VT 80 Volume Tank

Detached volume tank with 4 connections (3/4”).

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