Heating your pool with a heat pump - how it works

Heating your pool with a heat pump - how it works

Building a swimming pool is expensive and many people worry about the cost of heating it. A good way is to heat the pool using your regular heat pump for the house. 

- Look at the whole picture and think long-term about your heating economy, says Peter Lydén, heat pump expert at CTC in Ljungby.

With a regular heat pump as a heat source, the pool is part of the house's regular heating system, like any other unit. In winter you get heat, in summer a warm and comfortable pool at little or no extra cost.

If you have an older pump or boiler that is still to be replaced, it is time to calculate a new heat pump. 
- Most people notice that it is a good deal - and this is especially true if you do not already have an optimal heating system at home, says Peter Lydén. 

If you already have a modern heat pump for the house, investigate the possibilities of connecting the pool to it.

If you compare with heating a pool with electric heating, you save up to 85 percent of the heating cost when using a heat pump. 

EnergyFlex makes it easy

What makes it so easy is EnergyFlex, which is always included in our CTC products and makes it possible to connect different devices to your heat pump. When the pool is ready, you only need to add an expansion card that connects the pool, and a pool heat exchanger that transfers energy from the heat pump to the pool. Both the expansion board and the pool heat exchanger are purchased from your pool supplier or installer.

CTC EcoZenith i555 and EcoLogic L already have the expansion card built in and if you have one of these products, you only need to add a pool heat exchanger. 

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EnergyFlex also gives you the freedom to easily supplement with other heat sources, such as solar collectors. 

- "Solar collectors or solar cells can be a good idea if you want to heat the pool even more efficiently using the sun's rays," says Mikael Johansson.

EnergyFlex makes it easy

Control the heating for your pool

If you have a swimming pool, the myUplink app is a great tool. The app, which is included when you buy all our products, always gives you the latest electricity prices, so you can adjust your pool heating to when electricity prices are at their lowest. With myUplink, you simply control the heat to the pool, see the temperature of the water and control your costs. 

- Many of our customers appreciate that it is possible to adjust the pool heating even when you are not at home, for example on vacation, says Mikael Johansson.

Published: 2023-05-23