Heat pump — how much you can save

Heat pump — how much you can save

Better economy is the main reason why more and more people are opting for heat pumps. We've provided some approximate prices and approximate percentage savings here — though it all depends on how and where you live. 

Heating your house and hot water with a heat pump is very popular. Many people who build new homes choose to install a heat pump directly. Owners of older houses tend to replace their old wood boiler or supplement it with a heat pump. 


Approximate prices for a heat pump

Installing a heat pump costs a lot, but it usually pays off within a few years. In addition, it increases the house's value. If we calculate for a small home with a heating requirement of 20,000 kWh per year, the investment cost looks something like this:
  • Ground source heating: Between SEK 100,000 and 200,000 depending on the depth of the borehole.
  • Geothermal heating or water source heating: Approx. SEK 130,000.
  • Air-to-water heat pump: Approx. SEK 120,000.
  • Exhaust air heat pump: Approx. SEK 80,000.
  • Air-to-air heat pump: Approx. SEK 30,000.


The energy calculation is unique to your house

It is impossible to say exactly how much you will save on a heat pump, although you can calculate it to get an approximate picture.

To obtain a correct energy calculation, you will need to contact your local CTC retailer. The retailer will perform a home visit and assess the conditions.
Everything comes into play: The size and insulation of the house and your heating and water needs. How many people will be showering? Are you planning an extension? Maybe it's a large factory property?

The land, plot, climate and distance to the nearest neighbour are also relevant. Based on all this information, the retailer, sometimes with the support of CTC, can calculate exactly what you need to know. So don't worry, since you don't have to choose the pump on your own. 


Ground source heating offers the biggest savings

However, it's naturally good to know what applies in general. The Swedish Energy Agency has produced figures based on the assumption that you are switching from water-based energy or an oil-based boiler:

* Ground source heat, geothermal and water source heat pumps provide the most savings: Approximately 70–75 percent, sometimes up to 85 percent. This includes both heating and hot water.

* On average, air-to-water heat pumps provide approximately 50 percent lower costs for heating and hot water.

Air-to-air heat pumps create heating costs savings of 30–50 percent, excluding hot water.

One million houses with heat pumps

According to the Swedish Energy Agency, just over one million houses have at least one heat pump. 300,000 have installed geothermal heating and about the same number have air-to-air heat pumps. But geothermal and water-source heating are also popular. According to the industry organisation Svenska Kyl & Värmepumpsföreningen (SKVP), economic reasons are the most important. Two other reasons are convenience and the environment. This especially applies to those who have a wood-burning boiler and appreciate not having to deal with the wood.


Reduced carbon dioxide emissions

With CTC's individual test calculation, you will find out approximately how much you can save by getting a heat pump. But you also gain an environmental benefit. For every 10,000 kWh saved on electricity, you reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by 1600 kg. That's the equivalent of 1000 miles per year by air, or 615 miles per year by car.

As a homeowner, it can sometimes be difficult to know which heating system is best for your house. If you have water-based heating, a heat pump from CTC is a good option. In addition, a modern heat pump increases the value of a house.

With an annual energy consumption of 30,000 kWh, the heat pump pays for itself after a few years. When the loan is paid off, the heat pump will work for many years at a low operating cost. 

The products automatically adapt to the house and its output requirements. The first step towards cheaper heating of your home is to book a free home visit from an installer. They will help you with everything from inspection and quotations to installation and operation.


With CTC's individual test calculation, you will find out approximately how much you can save by getting a heat pump. But you also gain an environmental benefit.

Published: 2023-05-20