CTC Brilliant

This is the perfect water heater for anyone with direct-acting electricity. Suitable for both home and holiday homes. Available in several different models.

A series of ultra-efficient stainless steel water heaters in several models for houses and holiday homes: 60, 110, 200 and 300

To minimise heat loss and to meet high European energy requirements, all models are insulated with effective and eco-friendly foam insulation. Heating occurs via a stainless steel immersion heater controlled by an adjustable thermostat.

CTC Brilliant 60 and 110 are compact and practical, and our smallest hot water heaters. They are specially designed for holiday homes or small houses, where high output is required in a small area. For quick and easy connection, CTC Brilliant 60 and 110 have factory-fitted cords and plugs. Both models can be easily mounted to walls using the supplied bracket. Water connection is from the bottom via the supplied filler manifold.

To ensure you obtain a neat and uniform installation, CTC Brilliant 200 and 300 are in the same modern design as our heat pumps. These water heaters can be installed in sculleries and laundry rooms.

If you have a big family or a large hot tub, it may be a good idea to combine your heat pump with CTC Brilliant 300. This combination can meet very high hot water needs with the least possible energy consumption.

For installers, a floor-standing CTC Brilliant is a dream to install. The service hatches, located at the bottom of both sides of the product, are large and easy to detach during installation and when checking water meters and connections. Water connection is from the bottom via the supplied filler manifold. The product can be positioned right up against a wall for top connection thanks to the smart design of the top and rear.

Several models able to meet most needs
Well-insulated with effective and eco-friendly foam insulation
Easy bottom connection with the supplied filler manifold
Easily combined with the most common heating systems
High efficiency level
Water store in stainless steel
Model designation Item no.
CTC Brilliant 110 588901001
CTC Brilliant 200 588903001
CTC Brilliant 300 588904001
CTC Brilliant 60 588900001
CTC Steatite Radiator 1,5kW 1"
Item no.: 589031301

CTC Steatite Radiator 1,5kW 1"

Ceramic electric cartridge with socket for CTC Brilliant 200-300. (Length: 445 mm)

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