This is the perfect water heater for anyone with direct-acting electricity. Suitable for both home and holiday homes. Available in several different models.

CTC EL – a compact electric backup heating system in four models: 9, 15, 26 and 42 kW.

CTC EL is normally used as additional heat in heat pump systems controlled by CTC EcoLogic systems, but can also be used together with other types of systems. CTC EL usually starts when the heat pump capacity is not sufficient, such as on really cold winter days.

CTC EL is a tankless water heater that is supplemented with electrical control. When used in heat pump systems, CTC EL is most easily controlled with the CTC EcoLogic control system, which enables control via the myUplink app.

The tankless water heater in CTC EL is made of acid-resistant steel, which ensures a very long service life.

CTC EL must always be installed upright – the three smaller models must be suspended while the largest model must stand on the floor or shelf.

Areas of use: heat pump systems, solar heating systems and pool heating.

Easy to install
Easy-to-use, built-in control
On-demand or continuous operation
Efficiently controlled with CTC EcoLogic
Model designation Item no.
CTC EL 15 589841001
CTC EL 26 589842001
CTC EL 42 589843001
CTC EL 9 589840001
CTC EL Manual
CTC EL Product sheet

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