CTC SmartControl

CTC SmartControl

A series of smart wireless sensors that control temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide.

CTC SmartControl ensures that heating, hot water and ventilation are optimised.

The system is based around CTC SmartControl Gateway, a base unit able to control up to seven optional wireless accessories. The series consists of several smart accessories: a wireless room sensor powered by solar cells, and a multi-button able to control a number of different functions, such as additional hot water. If your home has thick floors and walls, you may need to amplify the signal. A repeater is available which amplifies signals between the various accessories.

Humidity and CO₂ sensors are also available which can control ventilation as needed. The humidity sensor automatically increases ventilation in shower or laundry rooms when the air humidity increases. The CO₂ sensor ensures that ventilation is decreased when no one is home, and is able to increase ventilation when family or friends come to visit.

CTC SmartControl ensures that ventilation is always optimised to provide consistently good air quality and that both ventilation and energy consumption are maintained at optimal levels.

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