Meet the marketing team behind CTC

Meet the marketing team behind CTC

In a world where marketing and communications play a crucial role in the success of businesses, the marketing department at CTC AB is at the core of ensuring that messages reach the right audiences in an effective and appealing way.

With strong cohesion and a passion for being at the forefront of marketing strategies, the marketing team at CTC is both flexible and ready for any challenges they face.

A collaborative team

The marketing department consists of seven people, with a mix of professional roles and experience. Together they are responsible for a variety of marketing and advertising tasks. The marketing team at CTC works together to develop and implement marketing strategies to promote CTC, Bentone and Turboflame.

Managing everything from signs, brochures, and product sheets to websites, social media, digital campaigns, and events, they play a crucial role in building and strengthening the brands within the company.

The marketing team collaborates with multiple people both inside and outside the company to be present and engaged at all levels. Their main collaboration is with the sales and export department, while they also help other departments when needed.

"We are a team with different personalities and experiences which give the group a good mix."

Leni Andersson, Group Manager of the Marketing Department

What really distinguishes the marketing department is their cohesion and mutual support. Each individual has different responsibilities, yet they work close as a team where they help and support each other to achieve common goals.

What are the groups biggest challenges?

- Staying relevant and competitive is our constant challenge. We work hard to ensure that our material is up to date and that we reach our target audience in the best possible way," says Leni Andersson.

Best marketer 2023

In 2023, they won the award as Marketer of the Year at the company gala in Ljungby, which both the marketing department and CTC are very proud of.

The motivation was as follows:

"Through creative marketing, they have developed the local company into one of Europe's leading players in its industry. It has succeeded admirably in maintaining the local feeling for Ljungby and its innovative product solutions while expanding internationally. Strategic marketing has developed the business and strengthened the company's brands."


"It's nice to get a confirmation that what we do is good"

Johanna Prytz, marketing communicator.

About the marketing department

Number of people: 7.

Responsibilities: Responsible for marketing and promotional materials for CTC, Bentone and Turboflame.

Work experience at CTC: 1/2 - 34 years.

Words that describe the group: "doers"


About CTC

CTC was founded in 1923 and has this year provided customers with heating and hot water for 100 years. The company is part of CTC AB and is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of heat pumps and indoor modules. All development and manufacturing takes place in Ljungby.

Published: 2024-03-12