"We are a small big company"

"We are a small big company"

Our education manager Torbjörn Persson is a familiar face, not least to many of CTC's partners. He has been with the company for 40 years and has had many roles and tasks. 

The opportunity to seek new challenges has always been a driving force for Torbjörn. In 1983 he started working in production and design, then went into sales before becoming training manager a few years ago. A role that includes presenting functions and new products to CTC's partners (dealers and installers).

- It is a very enjoyable job. There is a lot of interest in our products and I always feel welcome when I visit our partners. They are extremely important to CTC and it is valuable to meet them," he says. 

Torbjörn is also responsible for CTC's sales area Gotland. In addition, he is often out visiting secondary schools and prospective plumbers.  

- "We want those who will soon start working in plumbing to know about us and the difference our products make. Hopefully some of them will also be interested in CTC as an employer.

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"There is great interest in our products"

Torbjörn Persson

Many different professional fields

The fact that the growing CTC has managed to retain the feel of a small company is one of the reasons why he likes it so much. There are many different departments here, from development to assembly, production, finance and marketing. This is different from many similar companies that are mainly involved in manufacturing. 

- "We are a small big company. It's small enough for everyone to be listened to - everyone knows everyone. At the same time, CTC is so big that there are so many different competences that together form a whole, which is a strength. 

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About Torbjörn Persson

Works as: Education manager/key account manager
Lives: Ljungby
Started: 1983 (Started at Bentone) 
The very best thing about my workplace: My colleagues!


About CTC:

CTC was founded in 1923 and has provided its customers with heating and hot water for 100 years. The company is part of CTC AB and is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of heat pumps and indoor modules. All development and manufacturing takes place in Ljungby.

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Published: 2023-11-09