"The energy transition in Europe offers great opportunities"

"The energy transition in Europe offers great opportunities"

A healthy and successful centenarian. That's how CEO Helene Richmond describes the CTC jubilarian. Now she looks to the future, where she sees only opportunities. 

- CTC has always made a difference, both to people's homes but also to society and the climate. In the future, we will make an even bigger difference. The development we are seeing in Europe right now, where fossil fuel heating is being replaced by heat pumps, is unique and it's great that CTC is part of that journey," she says. 

Small country cleverness

Helene Richmond joined CTC in 2019. As she read up on CTC's history, she was impressed by all the innovations and ideas created over the years and how it has always wanted to improve the way it heats people's homes.

- There's an incredible amount of expertise, experience and small-town cleverness here. The soul of the company is to do things well, and to help each other. The power that has been, and still is, in the employees is incredible," she says. 

The power and ingenuity led, among other things, to an important decision in the late 1990s, when CTC began producing heat pumps in earnest, after oil boilers had dominated for many decades. CTC launched the very first air-to-water heat pump in Sweden early on, and became a leader in the technology shift from oil boilers to heat pumps. 

- It was a brave and necessary step to take. Instead of fading away with the oil boiler, they dared to think outside the box and invest in something that has proven to be much more sustainable, in many ways," says Helene Richmond.

Unique situation in Europe - 30 years after Sweden

Now, many years later, Europe is in the same phase as Sweden was in the 1990s. After first focusing on replacing coal and oil with natural gas, reality has caught up and Europe now knows that natural gas is not sustainable either. 

- The technology shift and energy transition we are seeing in Europe is unprecedented, almost explosive," says Helene. 

- Sweden is at the forefront of climate-smart home heating and CTC is one of the leading players in Sweden. We have the products in place and are taking new steps in Europe, which means we are making a difference for many more people, but above all we are helping to create a sustainable future," she continues.  

"In three years we will be twice as big as we are today"

Helene Richmond, vd

Strong growth and positive challenges

The opportunities in Europe also bring challenges. CTC is currently enjoying strong growth, which should become even stronger. This requires higher production rates, more employees and new demands on subcontractors. It therefore demands a lot from CTC, its owner NIBE and the management team.  

- In three years' time, we will be twice as big as we are today. But we will grow sustainably together, taking one step at a time. My job as CEO of CTC is the most fun there is with the opportunities we see and the phase we are in right now. So the challenges we face will only be positive," says Helene Richmond.



The neighbouring property purchased by CTC at its headquarters in Ljungby. It will soon double the production area.

Published: 2023-02-08