"I get to work with the entire world"

"I get to work with the entire world"

Our export sales coordinator Ulrika Petersson has been part of CTC for many years. She started at the sister company Bentone, but later their export department was merged with CTC's, and since then she has been working in various ways to sell CTC's products on the global market. 

- Going to work has never been boring! My tasks are fun and varied, and I've always had good managers who led under the motto "freedom with responsibility". CTC is good at promoting its staff and has always encouraged internal development," she says.

"There are no limits"

Ulrika's role as export sales coordinator means that she works with all aspects of export, such as sales forecasts for the foreign market, customer support, trade fairs and customs handling. She works closely with sellers, customers and freight forwarders. 

- "The best thing about my job is that it is so broad. I am involved in many different flows and get to work with the whole world. The demand for our products is huge in Europe and I feel that there are no limits to what we can achieve," she says.

The best thing about my job is that it is so broad.

Ulrika Petersson

Great spirit and dedicated colleagues

Although a lot has changed since Ulrika started in the industry, she thinks that there are many things that remain, and that have permeated CTC throughout the years. It is both about the desire to be involved and change when it comes to heating and heating, but above all there is a great spirit in the company. 

- I have always had committed colleagues with whom I have had fun and we have always encouraged each other. This is perhaps the biggest reason why I feel so good," she says.

About Ulrika Peterson

Works as: Export sales coordinator
Started at CTC: 1990 (first at Bentone)
Lives in: Ljungby
The very best thing about my workplace: "That it is such a varied and fun job."

About CTC:

CTC was founded in 1923 and has this year provided customers with heating and hot water for 100 years. The company is part of CTC AB and is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of heat pumps and indoor modules. All development and manufacturing takes place in Ljungby.

Published: 2023-05-04