"Exciting things are around the corner"

"Exciting things are around the corner"

Alexander Lindberg is one of the people responsible for the development of our products. As group manager for test and verification, his role is to lead the work on tests and trials so that CTC can deliver the best heat pumps on the market.

- "It's a great feeling to present a finished product, when you've been involved all the way from the start and worked on different functions. It is almost like a family member, you feel proud and feel that you have taught it everything you know," says Alexander.

"Strong we-feeling"

But it's not just the tasks and brainstorming that make Alexander enjoy going to work, it's also CTC's corporate culture.

- "We have a strong we-feeling and a Småland spirit, which means that we create fantastic things while conserving resources. Since we help each other with several different tasks, we also have a varied workload - no two days are the same," he says.

I like the fact that we are constantly evolving and always striving to be even better.

Alexander Lindberg

New development center underway

Alexander works in what is internally called the "lab" at CTC. The lab is facing an exciting journey of change as CTC is creating a 6,000 square meter development center in Ljungby. Here, all product development, testing and prototype manufacturing will be gathered under one roof. 

- Exciting things are waiting around the corner. "I like the fact that we are in constant development and always strive to become even better. There are always new functionalities and innovations to immerse yourself in and I never feel fully trained but learn new things all the time," says Alexander.

About Alexander Lindberg

Working as: Group manager for test and verification
Started at CTC in: 2014
Lives in: Alvesta 
The very best thing about my workplace: "The great community and we-feeling".

About CTC:

CTC was founded in 1923 and has this year provided customers with heating and hot water for 100 years. The company is part of CTC AB and is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of heat pumps and indoor modules. All development and manufacturing takes place in Ljungby.

Published: 2023-05-04