Low-maintenance wood boiler for half-metre logs.

CTC V35 is a low-maintenance wood boiler for half-metre logs. It has a rated output of 35 kW and operates using reverse combustion. The suction fan produces an even draught and better control over the whole combustion process. CTC V35 has an efficiency rating of more than 90 %.

The hearth is equipped with a ceramic grate and a strong burn plate. It has a 100 litre capacity and can take half-metre logs.

CTC V35 is gentle on the environment as the afterburner chamber works with secondary air and achieves almost total combustion of flue gases. The design ensures that the energy content of the wood really is utilised in the best way possible.

The boiler should be connected to an accumulator system. It's important that the accumulator volume is sufficient to achieve satisfactory comfort.

The large filling hatch makes it easy to add logs and the suction fan prevents excessive smoke. The CTC V35 has an easily accessible fan and a chimney flue that is connected upwards or on the side. Ash is emptied from the left or right during sweeping.

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