CTC V22-V40 Lambda

CTC V22-V40 Lambda

Probably the best wood boilers in the world!

CTC V22 and CTC V40 Lambda are among the world's best wood boilers. Feel free to contact us if you find better wood boilers. Because we've looked.

The Lambda probe automatically controls two damper motors: one primary, and one for secondary air, which always provides optimal combustion.

They satisfy the world's strictest environmental requirements. With an efficiency level of up to 92 % and with several new and innovative solutions, they make wood burning a pure pleasure.

The boilers should be connected to an accumulator system. It's important that the accumulator volume is sufficient to achieve satisfactory comfort. CTC V22 and CTC V40 Lambda have a user-friendly display and control 2 heating circuits for underfloor heating and radiators.

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