Price-worthy heat pumps with built-in DHW heating and quiet scroll compressors

CTC GS are equipped with the latest technology and their DHW heating is in a class of its own. To achieve the lowest energy consumption, they are equipped with A-rated low-energy circulation pumps and very effective insulation. CTC GS are suitable both for floor heating and radiators, and are able to control two radiator circuits as standard.

The automatic control unit has a 4.3-inch touchscreen with English text and clear symbols, which makes it easy to adjust the heating and hot water or to obtain operational information.

CTC GS are ultra-efficient thanks to an effective refrigerant circuit with an electronic expansion valve and scroll compressor. To achieve the lowest noise level, the compressor and all other cooling components are enclosed in a separate, sound-insulated unit.

For simple and convenient installation, the products have a removable cooling module, easily accessible terminal block for sensors, ventilation unit and more. In addition, both the supply cable and the primary flow sensor are factory-fitted. The supplied magnetite filter also ensures that your heating circuit is kept clean.

Thanks to EnergyFlex you have the option of supplementing with solar heating or connecting an existing wood-fired system or water-jacketed stove. CTC GS can also be connected for efficient heating of your pool. Supplement with CTC EcoComfort, which uses the borehole’s cool temperature and provides pleasant cooling in the summer.

With the CTC Internet accessory and the CTC Connect+ app, you can easily control the heat pump via your smartphone. CTC GS are also VentReady, which means they are ready to be equipped with smart ventilation control and home automation accessories. We call these accessories CTC SmartControl. A control unit that verifies wireless signals for temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels, ensuring the optimisation of heating, hot water and ventilation.

Ecodesign data scale (A+++ to G).

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