CTC EcoZenith i350

CTC EcoZenith i350

Ultra-efficient indoor module available in two heights with many options and built-in heat pump control.

CTC EcoZenith i350 is equipped with the same ultra-efficient water heater technology as the geothermal heat pump CTC GSi. When combined with CTC EcoAir or CTC EcoPart, it can produce over 300 litres of hot water – which is the best in its class.

CTC EcoZenith i350 is an efficient indoor module with built-in heat pump control. To achieve the perfect combination for a complete heat pump, install it together with the efficient CTC EcoAir 406-408/500M-600M air-to-water heat pumps. For those who prefer geothermal/ground source or lake heating, CTC EcoPart 406-412 is ideal.

Owing to our new and efficient insulation which produces minimal energy losses, and a combination of one of the ultra-efficient, variable speed air-to-water heat pumps, we can confidently present very high SCOP values.

CTC EcoZenith i350 has the same stylish white design as our geothermal heat pumps, which means that it blends into most environments very well. Choose the indoor module with an appropriate height for your home. Available in two heights. The low model has pipe connections at the top whereas the high model connects at the bottom.

The 4.3-inch colour touchscreen has clear symbols with English text, which makes it easy to adjust the heat and hot water or to retrieve a range of information about the operation. The built-in automatic control is climate controlled and takes into account both indoor and outdoor temperatures. CTC EcoZenith i350 is able to control two individual heating systems as standard. With the CTC Internet accessory and the CTC Connect+ app, you can easily control the heat pump via your smartphone.

Reported Ecodesign data (Scale A +++ to G) applies together with heat pump.

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