CTC FerroModul

CTC FerroModul

Hot water heater for hefty hot water needs

CTC FerroModul is a complete hot water heater system for when there is a hefty demand for hot water. CTC FerroModul is available in several models and sizes, all of which can be combined to satisfy the hot water needs of your property.

CTC FerroModul has a stainless steel water store with mineral wool insulation, and an external housing in epoxy-treated, electrogalvanized steel.

CTC FerroModul can very easily be connected in series or in parallel for any preferred capacity. Factory-fitted connectors and connection points make it easy to connect the tanks in a row, at an angle or vertically. A 1½” hot water connection allows for a higher flow rate. The adjustable legs also facilitate installation.

The system is suitable for use together with heat pumps, solar panels or other external heat sources. A modified heat exchanger transfers the heat to the hot water in the tanks. A system can consist of, for example, a power module and three storage tanks in a heat pump or solar heating system.

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