CTC EcoWater

CTC EcoWater

Hot water heat pump, model: 300, 301, 302

The CTC EcoWater is a heat pump for the production of domestic hot water. The heat pump uses energy in the air to heat water and can cover the annual consumption of an average-sized family.

The heat pump utilises energy from the air in rooms in which it is placed, via duct connection from other areas or from outside. CTC EcoWater is an energy saver and makes it possible to reduce hot water costs by up to 65 %.

CTC EcoWater heats the hot water by means of a super-efficient, surface-mounted condenser coil within hard PUR insulation. CTC EcoWater can produce up to 800 litres of hot water every 24 hours and comes in 3 versions with 242-270 litre tanks.

Heating with additional heating coils can be achieved via a solar collector from the bottom coil or from an external heat pump via the top coil (depending on the model).

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