Powerful electric boilers with an output of up to 50 kW

CTC EL 36/50 are the obvious choice for larger properties or for additional heating in a larger heat pump system. The boilers have dimensions measuring 370 x 500 x 650/950, which means they fit comfortably into most installations.

Boiler output connection is regulated in 7 stages. The number of stages can be reduced for lower boiler output. CTC EL 36/50 are equipped with the OX 2001 electronic control system. The unit consists of two PCBs and all 230 V connections, electronic control and regulation functions, as well as a display with 8 indicator LEDs.

If you would like to use CTC EL 36/50 together with CTC´s heat pumps, the simplest thing to do is add CTC EcoLogic Pro, an automatic, reliable and low-maintenance system for CTC heat pumps.

CTC EcoLogic Pro is able to fully control the operation and monitoring of one or more heat pumps. The control has fully automatic connection/disconnection of CTC EL 36/50. CTC EcoLogic Pro can prioritise hot water production or heating, and it can handle up to four different shunt systems.

CTC EL 36/50 is being phased out and will be replaced by Osby Parca EL 36/50 Eco.

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