"It is a driving force for me that so much is happening"

"It is a driving force for me that so much is happening"

Petra Westerlund is the HR Manager at Enertech, which includes CTC as its largest brand. The expansion phase that the company is in right now means that Petra and her colleagues are busy at work.

- We have a lot of exciting things that we are developing in HR, such as onboarding, the recruitment process and how we will work with different system support. Change requires new ways of working. It is a driving force for me that so much is happening and I am incredibly curious about what the future looks like," says Petra.

As the demand for the company's products increases, many recruitments are made and even more will need to be made in the future.

- Since we have everything in-house, we need more people in all areas, which means that we need to attract many different skills. We are very focused on how we will continue to be an attractive employer. It's a cool journey to be on. It is also fun when new employees come in and there is a good mix of employees with long experience and new employees," says Petra.

There is so much wisdom here and we have a very family-like culture.

There is no doubt that people enjoy working at CTC. Employee surveys conducted by the HR department show that there is great pride, not least in the products they produce. And Petra recognizes herself in what many employees describe.

- "There is a great spirit where you are proud of what you create and that you make a difference in Swedish homes. I also think that there is so much wisdom here and that we have a very familiar corporate culture. Everyone is on board and everyone wants to help.

Petra Westerlund also feels pride in the fact that Enertech's sustainability goals are given space and that they permeate the everyday life of the employees.

- "It is wonderful to hear how the employees talk about the future and how they transform the sustainability goals into concrete actions. We have an exciting history in the company, but I think the journey we are on now is just as exciting," says Petra.

About Petra Westerlund

Title: HR Manager
Lives: In Ljungby (comes from Gothenburg)
Started at Enertech: 2020
The very best thing about my workplace: "My colleagues and the change we are in now"

About CTC:

CTC was founded in 1923 and has been supplying its customers with heating and hot water for 100 years. The company is part of Enertech AB and is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of heat pumps and indoor modules. All development and manufacturing takes place in Ljungby.

Published: 2023-05-17