Successful switch to a heat pump

Successful switch to a heat pump


After 44 years with the same oil boiler from CTC, Klas­-Göran and Inger Nilsson felt it was time for something new. Today, a CTC EcoAir 406 heat pump takes care of heating in combination with a CTC EcoEl 1550 electric boiler. Heating has become more stable and operating costs have been significantly reduced.

Klas-Göran and Inger Nilsson live in a 132 m2 property in Mjällby, Sölvesborg. They moved into their home in 1970. 

- My wife designed the house and I built it. We first installed an oil boiler from CTC, to which we added an immersion heater, explains Klas-Göran. 

CTC customers since 1970 

The couple still resides in the house today, and the old oil boiler provided their heating the whole time until 2013, when it was replaced with a CTC electric boiler. A few years later, they also installed a CTC heat pump. 

- The choice of brand was by no means random. We have been loyal customers of CTC since 1970, and we’ve always been satisfied, says Klas-Göran. 

Quiet and economical 

Before they purchased the heat pump, they entertained a few concerns about whether the noise level would be disruptive. Their apprehension would prove to be completely unwarranted. Instead, they were pleasantly surprised when the electricity bills began to showing up in their post box. 

- The heat pump runs extremely quietly and we saved 11,700 kronor in heating costs – in one year alone. 

Reduced operating costs notwithstanding, what has really impressed the Nilssons most is how stable the temperature has become, no matter how hot or cold it is outside. 

- We've never had as even and comfortable heat as we have now. It doesn't matter if we use the fireplace inside or if it’s minus ten degrees outside – the temperature in the house is always a steady 22 degrees. And that we are saving money on top of it all is just fantastic, says Klas-Göran.