Sören enjoys full speed production

Sören enjoys full speed production


Meet Sören Myrup, one of our experienced fitters at CTC, who has worked at the company since 1999. At that time, just before the advent of the new millennium, boilers took up the lion’s share of operations, whereas the manufacture of heat pumps was consigned to a small corner of production. But as the heat pumps became more popular, the area they inhabited in production expanded appreciably.

Nowadays, much of Sören’s work involves assembling and soldering heat pumps. Owing to his extensive experience, Sören is intimately familiar with most parts of production and can jump in and help out anywhere he is needed.

- You have to hop from one station to another depending on what’s needed, but it’s a lot of fun since the work is more varied this way. You become a ‘jack of all trades’ when you work as long as I have, he says. 

After 17 years at the company, Sören is still as happy as he could ever be, in large part thanks to the great camaraderie among his co-workers. He enjoys it best when production is at full speed, something he has experienced frequently recently. 

- When we really have a lot to do, the work is the most fun. I like the feeling of maintaining a high tempo to make sure we deliver according to plan. 

Not surprisingly, Sören’s recreational interests are somewhat more subdued. 

- I enjoy hiking and I dream about wandering Sweden’s fells one day. The tranquillity and the majesty of the fell landscapes are enthralling, says a smiling Sören.