“I couldn’t believe it warmed up so quickly”

“I couldn’t believe it warmed up so quickly”


A couple from Abbekås in southern Sweden, who recently appeared on Swedish TV, are about to realise their dream home. The Skarbys have installed an air-to-water heat pump, which quickly made their house warmer than ever. 

Anyone who watches the SVT show Husdrömmar with Anne Lundberg and star architect Gert Wingårdh knows who Göran and Pippi Skarby are. They featured in the 2020 season of the show and were presented as party-lovers who carried out a mega-extension on their holiday home.

When CTC visited them, they had just installed their heat pump, an EcoAir 622M, which converts outdoor air into indoor heating. 

“It’s unbelievable how warm the house is. We don’t need to travel to the Canary Islands – it’s warm enough in here,” says Göran. 

Heats up quickly

Göran explains that their boiler was filled with almost 600 litres of cold water when they started the heat pump. A few hours later, the whole house, which spans almost 400 square metres, was warm.

“It’s a well-insulated house,” he says. “But still, I couldn’t believe that it warmed up so quickly. I’ve gone out in the evenings to look at the heat pump because I’ve found it so fascinating.”

The couple gave up their residence in Limhamn, Malmö and moved into their holiday home on the southern coast of Skåne. The original house was 90 square metres and they decided to extend by over 300 square metres. A substantial extension so that visiting friends and family can spend the night after the festivities.

Renewable energy

The material used for the extension is the same as the original – stone, which is typical of traditional Scanian houses. A brick and plaster house generates a lot of building moisture, which means the construction process has taken a relatively long time. It is important to allow the house to dry thoroughly so the plaster does not crack later.

“It has taken time, but we will soon be completely moved in,” says Göran as he admires the iron staircase they just built.

There is a small wind turbine on the property and the roof is covered in solar panels. The couple’s dream is to become completely self-sufficient in electricity using renewable sources.

“We are very pleased with our construction. The house is marvellously spacious and lets in a lot of light, without being a glass house.”


• Göran and Pippi Skarby were featured in SVT’s popular show Husdrömmar in 2020. Their house is situated in the small fishing community of Abbekås between Ystad and Trelleborg on the south coast of Skåne.
• The original house was 90 square metres and the extension is just over 300 square metres. They fitted solar panels on the roof of the house and erected a wind turbine to generate their own electricity.
• An air/water heat pump from CTC feeds their underfloor heating system. They have CTC’s largest model, an EcoAir 622M, which converts outdoor air into indoor heating.
• The brain of their heating circuit is the CTC EcoZenith i555 Pro multi-tank. It can control all components of one or more heating circuits and has a DHW capacity of 600 litres.
• With CTC’s air/water heat pumps, you can reduce your heating costs by up to 75 percent.