CTC helps Padel players avoid cold showers

CTC helps Padel players avoid cold showers


The town of Borås has a new mega-hall with 11 padel courts. Heating and hot water are supplied by CTC’s air-to-water heat pumps. Property owner Cernera has taken a sustainable approach and decided to make use of the wastewater heat. 

Interest in padel has grown exponentially and new halls are being built all across Sweden. In Borås, the nationwide PDL Center has moved into the former premises of Brämhults Juice in the north-eastern part of the city.

The 10,000 square metre property is owned by Cernera, which builds, renovates and manages commercial properties as well as homes in West Sweden.

Sustainability is a top priority

For the property in Brämhult, Cernera has invested in a climate- friendly and cost-effective heating solution.
“I’m proud of our sustainability work at Cernera – we are at the forefront,” says Ann-Helen Segota, Sustainability Manager at Cernera.

Cernera opted to invest in CTC air-to-water heat pumps with seven tanks in order to cover the enormous need for hot water. The challenge has been to make sure there is enough hot water so a large number of players can enjoy a refreshing shower at the same time after a session on the court.

With the solution now in place, up to 40 people an hour can take a hot shower.

Unusual solution

The air-to-water heat pumps are installed on the roof of the large property. Since they were installed just over six months ago, the players using the facility have had a comfortable indoor climate with an even temperature.

Read more about CTC´s air-to-water heat pumps. 

To optimize resource efficiency, the CTC-distributor has installed a wastewater heat exchanger to make use of the heat from the shower water. When the water drains away, it heats up the incoming tap water, which is supplied to the showers.

“It’s an unusual solution that we are pleased with,” says Segota. “We estimate that this will give a saving of up to 25% on tap water.”


The padel hall in Borås is run by PDL Center, an operator of padel halls across Sweden. This hall has 11 courts, 2 large locker rooms, toilets, a shop, reception and a few offices.

The property is owned by Cernera, one of the largest privately owned property companies in West Sweden. The company’s head office is in Borås.

Five CTC EcoAir 622M air-to-water heat pumps have been installed at the hall. The system also comprises two 750-litre CTC hot water storage tanks. These are supplemented with five FerroModul water heaters to cover the particularly large need for hot water.

CTC’s distributor has also installed a wastewater heat exchanger so the heat in the shower water can be utilised. This means that heating the tap water is up to 25% cheaper than before(?).

With the CTC hot water solution, up to 40 people an hour can take a hot shower.