Carlfors Bruk utilizes the energy in cooling water – with heat pumps from CTC

Carlfors Bruk utilizes the energy in cooling water – with heat pumps from CTC


Thanks to their three new heat pumps, Carlfors Bruk factory in Huskvarna can utilize the hot water from their production process. The temperature in the factory is now more comfortable and the employees are pleased with the change.

"It feels really good to utilize the cooling water. We get our heating ‘free of charge’ ", says Technical Manager Svante Björklund.

Carlfors Bruk in Huskvarna, Småland, Sweden, manufacture aluminium powder and aluminium pastes. 98% is exported. Three CTC heat pumps were recently installed to collect and use heat from the cooling water used in the manufacturing process. Previously the heat was wasted in cooling towers.

"The new pumps work very well. They can maintain a comfortable temperature in our new factory," says Svante Björklund.

Heating the factory premises 
The factory has existed since 1898, and the three CTC heat pumps are used to heat a new factory next to the main building. The employees are happy that the indoor temperature in the new building always stays above 15 degrees Celsius.
"The old premises, located one kilometre away, were not heated at all," says Svante.

Carlfors Bruk is enjoying steady growth, and the company is very pleased with the investment in heat pumps.
"We are now investigating how we can continue to utilize all our process water," he says.

Carlfors Bruk manufactures aluminium powder and aluminium pastes. Around 98% is exported. The company, which has been around since 1898, is located in Huskvarna

When Carlfors Bruk built a new factory, three heat pumps from CTC were installed to heat it; three CTC EcoPart i435 Pro heat pumps are operating together.

A CTC EcoPart heat pump is used for heating large properties, such as apartment blocks and industrial buildings.