CTC’s heat pumps are easy to connect and always work flawlessly from the outset.

CTC’s heat pumps are easy to connect and always work flawlessly from the outset.


RörCenter i Ljungby AB has been a CTC partner for many years. One of the company's HVAC installers is Tommy Sandström, who sings the praises of CTC’s heat pumps and support services.

Tommy Sandström works as an HVAC installer for RörCenter i Ljungby AB. He has been a loyal employee for more than ten years and enjoys his diverse work duties, which usually consist of servicing and repair jobs and new installations. A large proportion of new installations are heat pumps. 

Professional installation 

- Customers entrust HVAC installers to perform the work professionally. The heat pump is connected to the energy source and then you install hot and cold water as well as inflow and outflow to the radiator circuit, explains Tommy. 

Tommy installs a wide variety of heat pump brands, depending on what the customer has chosen to invest in. When installing heat pumps from CTC, Tommy can count on the work going smoothly. 

- CTC’s heat pumps are very easy to connect because all connections are easily accessible and all cables are routed. A good manual is also included and the display and menu are straightforward. And, not least – the heat pumps always run from the first start-up and there are never any problems with them, says Tommy. 

Best conceivable support 

The few times Tommy has had to contact CTC for support, he has been given the best conceivable guidance and support. 

- The support services work excellently. You are immediately connected to personnel who have been specially trained in the various products. This means you get the correct assistance from the outset, says Tommy.