CTC utilising lake heating for rental apartments

CTC utilising lake heating for rental apartments


Hällevadsholm is a small locality in Bohuslän. It’s so small in fact that it’s surprising that it has a suburb with rental apartments. High-lying, two-storey wooden buildings with their own garden plots make the area idyllic.

The proximity to Lake Kolstorpevattnet provides another advantage: access to free energy.

Three buildings with a total of 36 apartments. 

This area consists of three two-storey buildings with a total of 36 apartments. Vässjebostäder owns the buildings. 

- The area was established in 1990. A year and a half ago, we decided to replace the heating system consisting of heat pumps from Thermia that had become old, says property owner Rune Falck. 

3,000 metres of piping at the bottom of the lake. 

A shared boiler room houses three CTC EcoPart heat pumps, two CTC EcoLogic control units and two CTC EcoZenith 510 buffer tanks. One control unit controls the heat pump that processes recovered air from the apartments. 

- The lake is ideal for lake heating. It contains around 3,000 metres of piping at various depths, from 3 to 12 metres. The temperature never drops below + 4 degrees during the winter, says Jörgen Hagberg from Hagbergs VVS who installed the system. 

Safe and dependable operation. 

After a year and a half of operation, the experiences have only been positive. 

- Honestly, you don't need to go into the boiler room often. I can’t recall a single alarm since the installation. However, the pump for lake water malfunctioned because it was undersized. It has been replaced and now everything works perfectly, says Rune Falck.