CTC heats Lidingö Storage Centre

CTC heats Lidingö Storage Centre


Affe and Lemmy are well-known individuals in Lidingö. They run the HVAC firm CreaNord, and have done so for many years. They installed their first CTC product as far back as 1973. Just a stone's throw from the firm is Lidingö Storage Centre: The centre offers 285 storage units for hire, measuring 1-30 m2.

Magnus Hådell is in charge of it all. 

- Self-storage is growing rapidly in Sweden. Individuals and companies are renting a great deal more space. It's flexible and easy. We started three years ago and reached full capacity very quickly. We are now expanding into the neighbouring plot and gaining an additional 1,500 square metres. 

The right temperature and no moisture paramount. 

The 285 storage units house a great deal of value. The right temperature and absence of moisture are paramount. 

- We maintain 12-13 °C using waterborne hot air fans positioned around the building. There is a lot of value here, which is why reliable heating and moisture protection are strict requirements for our heating system. In addition, the heating bill is a large part of our operating costs, which is why cost was an important aspect of our choice, says Magnus. 

First course of action: Get rid of the oil boiler. 

When Lidingö Storage Centre took over the property three years ago, the first course of action was to throw out the old 130 kW oil boiler along with the electric boilers. 

- We installed three 12 kW CTC EcoPart ground source heat pumps together with a standard 500 litre buffer tank. A CTC El 36 kW runs in the background and is controlled via a bivalent mixing valve. Since the need for hot water is so low, we installed a regular CTC Safir water heater, says Alf Fjellström. 

Three boreholes, each with a depth of 200 metres, provide reliable access to ground source heating. 

New property, new CTC equipment. 

When the adjacent vehicle scrapyard shut its doors, Lidingö Storage Centre saw its chance to expand the business. 

- We bought the plot and are building anew. It will be a pure storage business spanning a total of 1,500 square metres over three floors. Since we are so pleased with our existing CTC facility, there is no reason to change, says Magnus Hådell. 

The new boiler room houses two CTC EcoPart 12 along with a ready-to-connect CTC EcoZenith I 550. And two new 220-metre boreholes are ready to provide heating.