CTC behind operating calculations in Bohuslän

CTC behind operating calculations in Bohuslän


Have you ever travelled on the E6 in Bohuslän? Then you have probably seen the Bohus Expo on the right-hand side in Munkedal. A stately building from the 1980s which is home to offices and exhibitions, and has now found new life owing to a new, innovative tenant. And a new heating system from CTC.

Spanning 1,200 m2 with high ceilings, huge windows and direct electricity, the building devoured energy. The decision to invest in heat pumps from CTC was not a difficult one. 

- The difference is considerable. We previously consumed around 180,000 kWh per year. After the first year, this has come down to around 35,000 kWh. This obviously affects operating calculations and rental prices,” says property owner Bertil Falck. 

Air-to-water + CTC EcoZenith. 

The heating solution consists of two CTC EcoAir 125 heat pumps for air-to-water in combination with CTC EcoZenith 530 C as well as CTC EcoLogic as control. The heat is distributed via radiators in the property. Hot water consumption is moderate: toilets and a shower. 

The installer is Hagbergs VVS in Dingle. 

The design of the premises makes it challenging to precisely size the output of the heat pumps. The advantage of this system is that it can be easily combined with an additional, appropriately-sized heat pump when the building is fully operational, says Jörgen Hagberg, third generation installer. 

 Jörgen and his employees have become specialists in CTC’s heat pumps. 

- I install CTC for everything except exhaust air heat pumps. CTC’s heat pumps are easy to install and put into operation. But above all, I only have to come back very rarely for alarms or faults, says Jörgen. 

Expansive technology firm as tenant. 

The new tenant is Scanlaser Machine Control – a technology firm with roots in Bohuslän. 

- It’s really great to have such an exciting, expansive technology firm here in Bohuslän. Particularly for me since I grew up close by, says Bertil Falck. 

Bertil Falck was bestowed the 12th size H.M. The King’s Medal in 2012 for special merits. Bertil founded the Gothenburg Book Fair in 1985.