10 smart and simple everyday energy-saving tips

10 smart and simple everyday energy-saving tips


Bringing down your electricity costs and saving the environment doesn’t necessarily mean huge changes to your everyday life. Here are 10 simple energy-saving tips that can make a big difference.

1. Use a dishwasher instead of washing by hand 

Contrary to what may people think, a dishwasher uses less energy than washing dishes by hand. Washing dishes by hand uses a lot of hot water! If you have to wash by hand, use a bowl or similar for rinsing.  

2. Disconnect all chargers when not in use  

In addition to plugged-in chargers consuming a lot of energy, they can also pose a fire risk. Make a habit out of unplugging the cord once your device is charged.  

3. Do laundry at lower temperatures and with a full machine 

Wash at 40 degrees instead of 60 whenever possible. This can almost halve energy consumption according to calculations by the Swedish Energy Agency.  

4. Boil water in a kettle  

The simplest tip in the world. In addition to saving energy, boiling water in a kettle is quicker.   

5. Do not use standby mode for electrical devices  

It is said that 10-20 percent of all consumer electronics used in Sweden are in standby mode completely unnecessarily. Turn off your household electronics properly and save both money and energy.  

6. Have a 5-minute shower  

This is another super-simple tip that can reduce electricity usage considerably. A water-efficient shower head also saves hot water.  

7. Keep the lid on when cooking  

Always keep the lid on the pot when boiling water so that the water boils faster.  

8. Lower the indoor temperature by 1 degree and wear an extra layer  

Did you know that lowering the indoor temperature by as little as one degree reduces energy consumption by five percent? This is a no-brainer!  

9. Save water when washing up and brushing teeth  

A lot of water is wasted unnecessarily if you keep the water running when washing dishes or brushing your teeth. It’s senseless!  

10. Turn off the lights when leaving a room 

Everyone knows that burning lights devour energy, but we often forget to turn them off. Turn off lights even when leaving your office to go to lunch and save tonnes of money each year.  

At CTC we try to take energy into account in everything we do, and we work tirelessly to develop the most eco-efficient products possible. Read more about the way we think about the environment and quality.